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Guide to Living and Retire in Panama

Retire in Panama offers unique benefits such as the Pensionado program which provides money-saving benefits including discounts on healthcare, entertainment, and flights.

Retiring to Panama from Canada: Immigration Legal Advice

With a pleasant climate all year round, a lower cost of living, and a favorable tax system, Panama has become an attractive destination for many canadians retiring in Panama.

Panama Friendly Nations visa changes 2023 for permanent residency

Permanent residency $5,000 deposit option gone. Alternatives: investment, pensioner visa, or other methods under $5,000.

Breast Cancer and Advance Directives

in celebration For the month of October, we will explore the vital connection between breast cancer and advance directives.

Marriage Visa in Panama: Requirements & Fees

Explore the costs and guidelines for Panama marriage visas, including residency and panamanian passport info. Panama opens its arms to lovebirds with the promise of a Marriage Visa, granting them the keys to a vibrant and diverse society. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of fees, requirements, and the process involved in … Leer más

How long does it take to obtain Panama Permanent Residency?

In this guide, we’ll categorize and order these ways to obtain permanent residency, starting with the longest processes to obtain Panama Permanent Residency and concluding with the quickest ways to secure your permanent resident status. Before we begin, we must understand what it means to have Panama permanent residency and what you can do once … Leer más