Get a Panama Police Clearance Certificate Online

In Panama, obtaining a Panama Police Clearance Certificate online is a crucial step, especially for expatriates looking to engage in various activities, such as immigration or work procedures abroad.

The process is streamlined for nationals, but for foreigners who have lived in Panama, it involves specific steps.

Requirements to get Panama Police Clearance Certificate for expats

To request a Record Policivo Online, expatriates need to submit the following documents:

  • A scanned copy of the passport sent via email.

The process involves two institutions in Panama, and the original document is sent via courier, typically using DHL. The entire procedure takes approximately 3–7 business days. It is crucial for applicants to clarify the purpose of the criminal record certificate, whether it is for immigration or work-related reasons.

What is the validity period of clearance certificate?

Upon request, the Panama Police Clearance Certificate holds its validity for 90 business days. Swift delivery via a courier service is recommended to ensure its timely arrival in the destination country, allowing for necessary procedures within 2 to 3 days.

Example of police clearance certificate

The Panama Police Clearance Certificate comprises the following details:

  1. The header displays the title «Republic,» «Ministry of Public Security,» and beneath that, the issuing authority—the Directorate of Judicial Investigation.
  2. It explicitly indicates whether the individual holds a criminal record within the Republic of Panama.
  3. It specifies the concerned individual—the certificate recipient—asserting an absence of criminal punishment.
  4. Typically, it concludes with the signature of a commissioner representing the Directorate of Judicial Investigation.

Police clearance certificate or criminal record For Canadians in Panama

Canadian citizens residing in Panama must follow specific steps to obtain their Police Clearance Certificate or criminal record. The process requires personal requests either directly at the Judicial Investigation Direction (DIJ) of the National Police in Panama or through the Consular Section of the Embassy. Authentication through Apostille or a Panamanian Consulate in Canada is mandatory.

Criminal History Background Checks for US Citizens

The FBI background check, also known as the FBI Identity History Summary Check, serves as a comprehensive report summarizing an individual’s criminal history or activity. Information included in the report is sourced from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. This check is often a mandatory requirement for various purposes such as adopting a child internationally, addressing court-related matters, sealing or expunging inaccurate criminal history, and meeting prerequisites for living, working, studying, or traveling in foreign countries.

Why You Need an FBI Background Check

The need for an FBI background check arises in various situations, including adopting a child out of state or in foreign countries. It is also essential for court-related matters and to rectify inaccurate criminal history information. Moreover, individuals may require it to fulfill criteria for living, working, studying, or traveling abroad.

How to Obtain an FBI Background Check

To acquire an FBI background check, you have three submission options. You can either submit your request electronically directly to the FBI, mail your request to them, or utilize an FBI-approved channeler. The obtained background check can be issued in either digital copy (PDF format) or hard copy, both of which are valid and eligible for further apostillation.

Apostilling an FBI Background Check for Panama

Panama, being a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, requires an apostille for an FBI background check. The apostille process for the FBI background check is facilitated by the U.S. Department of State, located in Washington, D.C. The process involves ordering the U.S. Department of State apostille service and submitting your FBI background check either digitally or by mail.

Steps to process your Panama Police Clearance Certificate in Panama

Panamanian citizens and foreigners with the migration card issued by the Electoral Tribunal can apply for their Récord Policivo online. The process involves:

This document is essential for employment purposes, and this time, we will explore how to obtain it directly from the website on your PC or mobile device.

1. Access to Panama Digital

To begin, open any browser on your device and go to the main page of Panama Digital. Simply type «Panama Digital» in the Google search bar, press enter, and select the first link that appears.

2. Registration on Panama Digital

Before proceeding with any procedure, it is necessary to register on the platform. Complete all the required information, including your location. This registration will allow you to access various services, including the request for your police record.

3. Login

Log in to Panama Digital with your email, ID, or passport, and your password. Remember to check the «Remember me» option to facilitate future access.

4. Police Record Request

Once inside, go to the procedures menu and select «Online Procedures.» Look for the option «DGI Police Record Request» and fill out the form with your details. Make sure to select the correct province.

5. Sworn Statement

In step 3, you will find a sworn statement. Check the box indicating that the provided information is correct and click «Submit.»

6. Confirmation and Download

After clicking «Submit,» confirm the action and wait. In about 4 to 5 minutes, you will receive an email in your Gmail account with the attached police record request. Download and save it on your device or print it as needed.

There you go! Now you have your police record ready for any proceedings. This method works on both computers and mobile devices. If this tutorial has been helpful, we appreciate your support with a like, subscription, and comments. See you in the next tutorial!

Criminal Record for get a residency in panama 

In conclusion, obtaining a Record Policivo online in Panama involves specific procedures, varying for different nationalities. For more comprehensive information on visa processes requiring a Panama Police Clearance Certificate, explore additional content about get a residency in Panama on our platform. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us.

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