Panama Marrakesh Agreement

In this blog, we will explore the requirements and procedures for obtaining residency in Panama under the Marrakesh Agreement. This agreement allows foreign workers to live and work in Panama, contributing to the country’s economic growth.

First, we will cover the Requirements for Marrakesh Residency in Panama, detailing the necessary documents and conditions to apply. Next, we will discuss the Requirements for Extending Marrakesh Residency, outlining the steps for renewing your permit. 

Lastly, we will explain the Work Permit under the Marrakesh Panama Treaty, highlighting its benefits and the essential Requirements for Applying for a Work Permit. This comprehensive guide aims to provide clarity and essential information for those considering residency and employment opportunities in Panama under the Marrakesh Agreement.

What is the Marrakesh Agreement ?

The Marrakesh Agreement, signed in 1994, established the World Trade Organization (WTO), marking a significant milestone in global trade. Its aim was to create a more robust and inclusive international trading system, promoting fair competition and reducing trade barriers.

The Marrakesh Treaty, part of this agreement, sought to facilitate access to published works for individuals with visual impairments or print disabilities, thereby promoting inclusivity and equal access to information. 

The Marrakesh Declaration of 1994, adopted during the signing of the agreement, underscored the commitment of member countries to liberalize trade and ensure that the benefits of increased global trade would be shared equitably among all nations.

Regarding environmental law, the Marrakesh Agreement included provisions to ensure that trade and environmental policies were mutually supportive, encouraging sustainable development and the protection of the environment as integral parts of the global trade framework.

Requirements Marrakesh Panama

Foreigners entering Panama to work in companies with fewer than ten Panamanian employees can apply for residency under the Marrakesh Agreement, adopted by Panama through Law 23 of 1997.

To qualify for this permit, the worker must demonstrate a salary of at least B/.1,000.00 per month. The required documents include:

  • Notarized Power of Attorney and Application: Must include names and nationalities of the applicant’s parents.
  • Three Photographs: Standard passport-sized photos.
  • Certified Passport Copy: Notarized or certified.
  • Criminal Record Certificate: For applicants of legal age.
  • Health Certificate: Showing good health.
  • Personal Background Declaration Form: Sworn statement of personal history.
  • Certified Checks: One for B/.250.00 payable to the National Treasury and another for B/.800.00 payable to the National Migration Service.
  • Work Permit and Work ID Card Copy: Proof of legal employment in Panama.
  • Employment Contract: Endorsed by the Ministry of Labor.
  • Company Letter: On company letterhead, signed by the legal representative.
  • Company’s Operation Notice Copy
  • Public Registry Certification Copy: Proof of company registration.
  • National Income Tax Clearance: Proof of company tax compliance.
  • Social Security Affiliation Proof: Copy of social security card (first application).

Requirements for Extending Marrakesh Residency

To apply for an extension of the Marrakesh residency, applicants must present the previously mentioned documents, excluding the Criminal Record Certificate and certified checks. 

Additionally, they must provide a certification from the Social Security Fund proving the payment of nine consecutive contributions, even if the applicant has changed employers.

Work Permit under Marrakesh Panama Treaty

One of the significant benefits of residency under the Marrakesh Agreement is obtaining a work permit, which allows foreign professionals to work legally in Panama. This permit not only facilitates economic growth and cultural exchange but also provides a legal framework for integrating international expertise into Panama’s workforce. For more information, visit the official resource.

Requirements for Applying for a Work Permit

To apply for a work permit under the Marrakesh Agreement, the following documents are required:

  • Notarized Power of Attorney and Application: Original and copy, signed by both the company and the applicant.
  • Employment Contract: Original contract in accordance with Article 68 of Cabinet Decree No. 252 of December 30, 1971.
  • Employer’s Operation Notice: Required unless the employer falls under specific exemptions.
  • Public Registry Certification: Original certification proving the company’s legal status.
  • Social Security Payroll: Legible photocopy of the previous month’s payroll, with the original for comparison, including proof of payment.
  • Migration Status Certificate: Issued by the National Migration Service (B/.8.00 in stamps).
  • Identification Documents: Legible copies of the migration card or personal ID card, authenticated by the National Identification Department.
  • Passport Copy: Legible copy of the passport’s general information page, valid at the time of application.
  • Photographs: Four passport-sized photos with the applicant’s name on the back.
  • Additional Documents for Expert or Technical Workers: As specified in Article 7.
  • Limitations: Only one foreign worker is allowed per payroll for this type of permit.

Duration: Granted for one year, renewable for the same period.

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