Intellectual Property and Copyright Protection

Intellectual property and copyright protection forms the cornerstone of innovation, enabling individuals and businesses to secure their creative output. With intellectual property rights (IPR), creative minds can protect their work, foster innovation, and nurture a culture of creativity.

Comprehensive Intellectual Property Registration Services in Panama

At NDM Law Firm, we offer a wide array of Intellectual Property Registration services. Catering to both nationals and foreigners aiming to do business in Panama, our dedicated team strives to safeguard your innovative ideas and assets effectively and efficiently.

Intellectual Property Registration Services

Trademark Registration

As part of our Trademark Registration service, we assist clients in navigating the complete process, from conducting an extensive trademark search to preparing and filing the application. Our expertise ensures your brand identity is legally protected, safeguarding your business’s reputation and market standing.

Patent Registration

Our comprehensive approach involves conducting exhaustive patent searches, performing thorough patentability analysis, and providing expert assistance in drafting and filing applications. Our ultimate goal is to secure the uniqueness of your intellectual property under Panama’s robust patent laws.

Copyright Registration

Our Copyright Registration service, concerning intellectual property, aids in the legal protection of your original literary, artistic, and digital works. We guide clients through the copyright application process, ensuring your creative efforts are legally recognized and protected from unauthorized usage.

Design Registration

We provide a specialized Design Registration service for safeguarding the aesthetic aspects of your intellectual property, such as your product or packaging. This service includes preparing and filing applications to protect the unique visual appeal of your products, ensuring you maintain a competitive edge.

Domain Name Registration

In the modern digital era, your online presence is crucial. Our Domain Name Registration service, a crucial part of your intellectual property strategy, ensures your online identity is secured. We assist in registering your desired domain name and manage any potential disputes that arise, ensuring your brand’s digital footprint remains unscathed.

Geographical Indication Registration

For products unique to a specific geographical location, we offer a dedicated Geographical Indication Registration service as a part of our intellectual property services. We ensure that the unique attributes and inherent value of such products are legally recognized and protected under Panama’s laws.

Trade Secret Registration

Our Trade Secret Registration service provides assistance in protecting your proprietary business information. We help establish confidentiality agreements and other legal measures, safeguarding your competitive advantage by preventing unauthorized disclosure or use of your trade secrets.

Expert Patent Search and Opinion Services in Panama

At NDM Law Firm, we extend our exceptional Patent Search and Opinion services, integral to your intellectual property strategy, to nationals and foreigners planning to establish or extend their business operations in Panama. Our seasoned legal team employs a meticulous and comprehensive approach to facilitate you in realizing your innovative vision while protecting your inventions.

Patent Search and Opinion Services

Comprehensive Patent Search

Our Comprehensive Patent Search service enables clients to thoroughly explore the patent landscape before filing a patent application. We employ rigorous methodologies to uncover any existing patents that may be similar to your invention, providing a clear perspective on the novelty of your innovation.

Patentability Opinion

The Patentability Opinion service we provide assesses the likelihood of your invention receiving patent protection. Our legal experts meticulously review your invention against established patentability criteria, such as novelty, non-obviousness, and industrial applicability, to provide you with a detailed and well-grounded opinion.

Freedom to Operate Analysis

Our Freedom to Operate Analysis is crucial for clients aiming to commercially exploit their inventions without infringing on others’ rights. We conduct a comprehensive examination of patent literature to identify any potential patent barriers to the commercialization of your innovation.

Infringement and Validity Opinion

The Infringement Opinion service we offer evaluates whether your product or process infringes on existing patents. Our expertise in patent law and technical knowledge ensure a thorough and accurate opinion, minimizing your risk of potential litigation.

Patent Watch Service

Our Patent Watch Service monitors new patent filings in your industry, alerting you to potential competitive threats and opportunities for innovation. This service helps you stay informed about the latest developments and trends in your field.

Patent Opposition Proceedings

Through our Patent Opposition Proceedings service, we represent you in challenging the validity of a granted patent or defending your patent against such challenges. Our seasoned patent attorneys provide strategic advice and robust representation throughout the opposition process.

Effective Intellectual Property Litigation Services in Panama

NDM Law Firm provides comprehensive Intellectual Property Litigation services in Panama, assisting both domestic and international clients. Our team of dedicated legal experts, specializing in intellectual property, is well-versed in the complexities of disputes and committed to aggressively advocating for your rights. We focus on all aspects of Intellectual Property Litigation Services.

IPR Violation Assessment

Our IPR Violation Assessment service involves conducting a thorough investigation into potential infringement of your intellectual property rights. We utilize our extensive legal knowledge to identify any instances of violation, providing a firm foundation for any potential litigation.

Infringement Claims Preparation

As part of our Infringement Claims Preparation service, we meticulously draft and file claims on behalf of clients who have experienced infringement of their intellectual property rights. Our litigation team ensures that the claims strongly represent your case and interests.

Representation in Courts

Our firm excels at Representation in Courts, providing robust defense or prosecution in intellectual property litigation cases. We bring our wealth of experience, technical understanding, and strong advocacy skills to protect your intellectual property right

Cease and Desist Actions

Through our Cease and Desist Actions service, we issue warnings to infringing parties to halt the unauthorized use of your intellectual property. These actions can often resolve disputes quickly and effectively, avoiding the need for protracted litigatio

Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution

Our firm offers Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution services, which include negotiation, mediation, and arbitration to resolve intellectual property disputes. Our objective is to attain a resolution that protects your rights and business interests, while minimizing time and cost.

Damage Recovery

In instances where your intellectual property rights have been infringed, we provide Damage Recovery services. We pursue compensation for the losses you have suffered due to the infringement, and, where possible, an injunction to prevent future infringements.

Patent Opposition Proceedings

Our Post-Litigation Monitoring service ensures that the terms of any judgment or settlement are being adhered to. We continue to monitor the situation after the resolution of a case to ensure continued compliance, providing you with peace of min

Copyright and Digital Media

As a premier law firm in Panama, NDM Law Firm offers top-tier Intellectual Property Litigation services to nationals and foreigners seeking to safeguard their business endeavors in Panama. Our proficient team leverages their vast knowledge and experience in intellectual property law to ensure robust legal protection for your assets.

Intellectual Property Litigation Services

Copyright Registration and Enforcement

Through our Copyright Registration and Enforcement service, we assist in the protection of your original works such as literature, music, film, and art. Our team navigates the registration process and ensures the enforcement of your rights, protecting your work from unauthorized use.

Digital Media Content Licensing

With our Digital Media Content Licensing service, we guide you through the process of licensing your digital content. Whether it’s for use in software, games, or online platforms, we draft and review licensing agreements ensuring they are in line with your business interests.

Digital Media Rights Management

Our Digital Media Rights Management service offers strategies to protect and manage your digital content rights. We advise on technological protection measures and the use of digital rights management systems, ensuring your digital content remains secure.

Copyright Violation Litigation

In the event of copyright infringement, our Copyright Violation Litigation service provides robust representation. We prepare infringement claims, represent you in court, and strive for the best possible outcome to safeguard your rights.

Digital Media Dispute Resolution

Our Digital Media Dispute Resolution service provides adept guidance and representation in resolving disputes involving digital content. Whether it’s content ownership issues, breach of licensing agreement, or other conflicts, our team works diligently to resolve matters effectively and efficiently.

Online Content Take-Down Services

With our Online Content Take-Down Services, we assist in having unauthorized or infringing content removed from websites and digital platforms. We handle the process of issuing take-down notices to the relevant parties, ensuring a swift resolution.

Digital Media Compliance Advisory

Through our Digital Media Compliance Advisory service, we help you navigate the complexities of digital media law. We provide guidance on regulatory compliance, privacy issues, and data protection, ensuring your digital activities align with the prevailing legal framework.

Premier Internet Rights Infringement Services in Panama

NDM Law Firm, a distinguished law firm in Panama, extends its high-quality Internet Rights Infringement services, a critical component of intellectual property protection, to both nationals and foreigners with business interests in Panama. Our adept team of legal professionals is committed to safeguarding your digital presence and upholding your online rights.

Internet Rights Infringement Services

Online Trademark and Copyright Infringement Assessment

Through our Online Trademark Infringement Assessment service, we conduct a thorough review of potential online violations of your trademark rights. Our evaluations are aimed at identifying and addressing any illicit use of your trademark on digital platforms.

Our Online Copyright Infringement Assessment service involves a comprehensive analysis of potential online infringements of your copyrighted works. We employ sophisticated tools and methods to detect any unauthorized use of your content on the internet.

Internet Defamation and Privacy Violation Litigation

With our Internet Defamation Litigation service, we provide aggressive representation for clients facing damaging false statements published online. We work tirelessly to secure retractions, remove defamatory content, and recover damages where applicable.

Our Internet Privacy Violation Litigation service helps clients who’ve had their privacy rights violated online. We represent you in pursuing claims against parties who unlawfully accessed or disseminated your private information.

Online Business Dispute Resolution

The Online Business Dispute Resolution service we offer aids in the resolution of conflicts that arise in the digital business sphere. Be it contract disputes, licensing issues, or partnership conflicts, our team employs a proactive approach to facilitate fair and efficient resolution.

Cyber Squatting Litigation

Through our CyberSquatting Litigation service, we assist clients who’ve fallen victim to cybersquatting. If a third party is using your trademark in a domain name to profit unfairly, we will pursue legal action to reclaim your digital property.

Domain Name Disputes and Recovery

Our Domain Name Disputes and Recovery service offers strategic advice and robust representation in domain name disputes. We handle the process of challenging domain name registrations and recovering domain names that rightfully belong to you.

Negotiation and Agreement Drafting

«NDM Law Firm, Panama’s leading law firm, offers unrivaled Contract Negotiation and Drafting services, with a particular focus on intellectual property agreements. Catering to both nationals and foreigners with business interests in Panama, our expert team employs strategic insight and legal expertise to ensure your agreements serve your best interests.»

Contract Negotiation and Drafting Services

Intellectual Property Licensing

Our Intellectual Property Licensing Agreement Drafting service provides guidance on licensing intellectual property. Whether for a patent, trademark, or copyright, we prepare licensing agreements ensuring your assets are protected while also maximizing your business potential.


Through our Non-Disclosure Agreement Drafting service, we help to protect your proprietary information. Our carefully crafted non-disclosure agreements maintain the confidentiality of your trade secrets and business strategies.

Intellectual Property Sale/Purchase

Our Intellectual Property Sale/Purchase Agreement Drafting service assists in the transfer of intellectual property rights. We draft sale and purchase agreements ensuring a smooth transaction, safeguarding your interests and minimizing potential risks.


The Co-ownership Agreement Drafting service we offer is aimed at partners planning to share ownership of an intellectual property. We draft clear and concise co-ownership agreements delineating rights and responsibilities, preventing potential disputes.

Technology Transfer

Through our Technology Transfer Agreement Drafting service, we assist in the transfer of technology between entities. Our well-drafted technology transfer agreements ensure that your rights are protected and your technology is valued appropriately.


Our Confidentiality Agreement Drafting service safeguards your sensitive information during discussions with potential business partners, employees, and consultants. Our confidentiality agreements ensure the secure sharing of sensitive information


We craft detailed service level agreements to provide clear expectations and prevent misunderstandings.

Our extensive legal services ensure that we cover all aspects of intellectual property law, providing our clients with a one-stop solution for their legal needs in Panama.