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Panama visa requirements for us citizens

As a US tourist, you can stay in Panama for up to 180 days without a visa. After this period, you must leave the country, although you can return after a short stay abroad. Panama offers various residency options, including retirement visas.

Buying a Car in Panama with Trusted Dealers and Legal Assistance

Buying a car in Panama can be simple if you work with trusted car dealers. These dealers offer a variety of new and used cars, helping you find the perfect vehicle.

Why Choose Panama for Residency? Exploring Visa Options

In recent years, Panama has positioned itself as an ideal country to live in, offering a higher quality of life and a lower cost of living compared to the United States and Canada. Expats recognize this and are increasingly choosing Panama as their new home.

How to Access Affordable Healthcare in Panama: Tips and Legal Advice

With a modern medical infrastructure and highly trained professionals, Panama offers a range of medical treatments, including cardiology and oncology. Its geographical location also makes it accessible to patients from North and South America

Why Retire in Los Santos, Panama? Lifestyle and Cost of Living

Los Santos Pedasí, with its serene ambiance and a small population of roughly 2,500 residents, is the epitome of idyllic rural life. The village is enveloped by lush green fields, providing a perfect backdrop for a Retire in Panama and enjoy of the nature-filled lifestyle.

How Long Can I Stay in Panama Without a Visa?

Panama is a popular destination for tourists and expats alike, offering a range of attractions from bustling cities to serene beaches. For many nationalities, including those from the USA, Uk and Canada, Panama allows visa-free entry for up to 90 days.

How to Find Trustworthy Long Term Rentals in Panama

Finding a trustworthy long term rental in Panama requires careful consideration and vigilance to avoid scams. Start by conducting thorough research on reliable websites that list properties in Panama.
Retire panama vs costa Rica

Retire Panama vs Costa Rica: Costs, Quality of Life, and More

Retiring abroad can offer numerous benefits, from a lower cost of living to a more relaxed lifestyle. Central America, particularly Panama and Costa Rica, has become a popular choice for retirees seeking a warm climate, beautiful landscapes, and a welcoming community.
Bring your Pet to Panama

Planning to Move? How to Bring Your Pets to Panama

To bring your pets to Panama, start by understanding government rules from the USA and Panama, then look into airlines' pet policies. 

Is It Worth Leaving America for Life in Panama?

Is It Worth Leaving America for Panama’s retiree benefits and tax incentives? Panama’s Pensionado program provides discounts for retirees, including healthcare, entertainment, and transportation, which can significantly lower living costs. 
Record Checks Certified Criminal Canadian

RCMP Certified Criminal Record Checks for Moving to Panama from Canada

A certified criminal record check is a crucial document if you are planning on moving to Panama from Canada. It goes beyond name-based checks, offering a more definitive way to confirm one's identity through fingerprint analysis. 

What Could Go Wrong? The Risks of Buying Property in Panama 

It's important to understand the risk of buying a property in Panama to ensure a secure investment. However, navigating the complexities of the Panamanian real estate market requires careful planning and understanding of local laws and regulations. 
panama Holidays

Panama National and public holidays

In Panama, public and national holidays are key for expats. They impact when government offices open. Know these days to plan your move and enjoy Panama's culture.
Is it Possible to Apply for a panama visa online

How can I apply for a panama visa online

Applying for a Panama visa online can seem like a daunting task due to the intricate internal processes required by the Panamanian authorities. This comprehensive guide will walk you through each step.

Expats Living in Pedasí Panama: Rent or buy?

Pedasí, a quaint town in Panama, offers a unique glimpse into the country's vibrant culture and stunning landscapes. 

Essential Panama Landmarks for Expats: What to Visit Before Settling Down

Exploring Panama landmarks is a must for expats planning to make this vibrant country their new home. From the historic Panama Canal to the lush rainforests of Darién, these iconic sites offer a glimpse into Panama's rich culture and diverse landscapes. 

Social Stability and Government in Panama: Why It’s a Top Choice for Relocation

In the context of Latin America, where several nations grapple with political turmoil and authoritarian regimes, the government in Panama stands as a beacon of stability and democracy.

Balboa Panama Currency in Panama: Exchange Rate in Comparison to the USD

The currency in Panama, the Balboa, alongside the US Dollar, forms the backbone of the country's stable and inviting economic landscape. 

Panama is safe for your travel, visit, or living

Asserting that Panama is safe, it's nonetheless prudent for potential visitors or those considering a move to evaluate safety concerns. The initial impression of travel warnings may be unsettling, yet distinguishing between accurate information and misconceptions is crucial. 

Living in Bocas del Toro: Real Estate, Long term rental For Expats

living in Bocas del Toro presents expatriates, offering an extensive array of real estate and long-term rental possibilities. The lush landscapes and warm community create an ideal environment for those seeking a harmonious blend of comfort and adventure. 

Get a Panama Police Clearance Certificate Online

In Panama, obtaining a Panama Police Clearance Certificate online is a crucial step, especially for expatriates looking to engage in various activities, such as immigration or work procedures abroad.

Coronado Panama: Rentals, Cost of living, Weather & things to do

Coronado Panama offers a perfect balance for those looking to retire in Latin America. It’s a tried-and-tested spot with a thriving expat community.

How much does it cost to live in boquete panama

Live in Boquete Panama, a charming town in the highlands of Chiriquí, where the soil is rich and the climate is mild. It’s a perfect place for expats who want to enjoy a peaceful and simple life.

Get a Panama Document Authentication and Apostille

Document authentication and Apostille are two methods of verifying the authenticity of public documents for use in other countries. 

eSIM vs SIM: Which One is Better for Your Panama Trip?

A Panama eSIM card can be a good choice for some travelers, depending on their needs and preferences. If you are traveling around Panama, you don't want to lose signal or data at any point.

Panama trademark registration: application, renewal and office database.

In this overview, we will examine how to register a trademark in Panama, including the required documents, the duration, and the main factors for keeping a registered trademark valid.

Panama reforestation investor visa

The Panama Reforestation Investor Visa is a program that encourages people like you to invest in reforestation projects in Panama. By doing so, you can help preserve the country’s natural resources while also contributing to its economic growth.

What You Should Know About Gun Laws in Panama Before Moving There

Explore panamanian gun laws tailored for expats in Panama. Grasp eligibility and the application process, ensuring a clear grasp of responsible firearm ownership in your new residence.

What You Need to Know About Mortgage Financing in Panama

Mortgage Financing in Panama is not very developed, despite the apparent construction boom in Panama City and elsewhere. Obtaining a mortgage in Panama is challenging and local banks do not offer low rates.
Private Interest Foundation

Where and How to Form a Private Interest Foundation in Panama.

A Private Interest Foundation in Panama provides benefits like asset protection, privacy, and tax advantages. It separates the foundation’s assets from personal assets, ensuring protection. It also offers confidentiality, making Panama a favorable jurisdiction. 

Annual income taxes in panama for expats

For those considering establishing an offshore company, we assess whether Panama, with its unique Panama income tax system, really deserves its tax haven status. We thoroughly analyze the pros and cons, giving you a clear vision for making informed decisions.
Setup a business in Panama

Starting a business in panama as a foreigner

Panama is by far the most prominent country in the Central American region to consider enrolling your company in a tax haven, most people register their S.R.L companies in the United States, thinking it is the safest option to save in dollars.
Vehicle licenses Plate in Panama

How do I renew my license plate in Panama?

When acquiring a new or pre-owned car in Panama through a dealership, they handle all the necessary paperwork for car registration and license plate issuance.
open a bar and a restaurant in Panama

Open a Bar or Restaurant in Panama City

Discover the essential steps and insider insights on How to open a bar or restaurant in Panama City. Learn about legal requirements, location scouting, and health compliance for a successful venture.
How to send and receive mail to Panama

Sending mail to Panama from us

Learn the essential tips and tricks for expats on how to effortlessly send and receive your boxes and mail in Panama. This article will guide you through the nuances of the Panamanian postal system, offering tips to make your life easier.
Legal Guide to Getting a Panama driver's license for Expats CAMBIO

Panama driver license for retiree expat

This guide provides crucial information for U.S. and Canadian citizens or any other expat in Panama looking to drive around the city, ensuring they stay compliant with local laws.
How to get the Permanent resident card in Panama

How to get the Permanent resident card in Panama

The Permanent Resident Card, often referred to as the Panamanian Cédula, is a vital document for Canadians and Americans seeking to establish a new life in Panama.

Why Panama Its the best place to Retire Abroad?

Retire in Panama offers unique benefits such as the Pensionado program which provides money-saving benefits including discounts on healthcare, entertainment, and flights.

Retiring to Panama from Canada: Immigration Legal Advice

With a pleasant climate all year round, a lower cost of living, and a favorable tax system, Panama has become an attractive destination for many canadians retiring in Panama.

Panama Friendly Nations visa changes 2024 for permanent residency

Permanent residency $5,000 deposit option gone. Alternatives: investment, pensioner visa, or other methods.

Breast Cancer and Advance Directives

in celebration For the month of October, we will explore the vital connection between breast cancer and advance directives.

Marriage Visa in Panama: Requirements & Fees

Explore the costs and guidelines for Panama marriage visas, including residency and panamanian passport info. Panama opens its arms to lovebirds with the promise of a Marriage Visa, granting them the keys to a vibrant and diverse society. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of fees, requirements, and the process involved in ... Leer más

How long does it take to obtain Panama Permanent Residency?

In this guide, we’ll categorize and order these ways to obtain permanent residency, starting with the longest processes to obtain Panama Permanent Residency and concluding with the quickest ways to secure your permanent resident status. Before we begin, we must understand what it means to have Panama pr process A permanent residency in Panama allows ... Leer más

Panama Immigration for Digital Nomads

Panama, with its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and growing digital infrastructure, has become a prime destination for digital nomads seeking a unique blend of work and adventure. In this article, we delve into the various aspects of Panama immigration for digital nomads. We’ll explore the possibilities, visa options, co-living spaces, and much more to help ... Leer más

Panama’s Darien Gap Dilemma: Scaling Up Deportations

Panama plans to enhance the infrastructure within the dense jungle region along its shared boundary with Colombia, commonly referred to as the Darien Gap. Additionally, they will intensify efforts to repatriate individuals in order to manage an unprecedented surge of migrants traversing this area during the current year. This announcement was made by Panama’s head ... Leer más

Personal Panama bank account for foreigners

When it comes to relocating to Panama, expats often find themselves navigating a host of new experiences. One crucial aspect of settling into this beautiful Central American country is establishing a panama bank account. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process and provide valuable banking tips tailored specifically to expatriates in Panama. ... Leer más

Why do you need an immigration lawyer in Panama?

Moving to Panama is an exciting endeavor that brings about numerous opportunities and challenges. When considering immigration to Panama, a Central American gem known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, understanding the role of immigration lawyer in Panama is paramount. These legal professionals play a pivotal role in guiding individuals through the complexities of ... Leer más
Panama Citizenship its no easy

Getting citizenship in Panama or Panama permanent residency program: Which is Right for You?

Eligibility for Panamanian citizenship is determined by specific qualifications, there are three primary: birthright, marriage, and naturalization.

Getting Started with Panama Banking: How To Open a Bank Account in Panama

Hi, in this Blog, we will talk about how to obtain a bank account in Panama, including the process, types of accounts available, deposit requirements, and more. Stay tuned for detailed information on this topic.

How to Get a Panama Work Permit? We Guide you Step by Step

Are you considering embarking on a new professional journey in the beautiful and culturally rich country of Panama? Acquiring a Panama work permit is the key that can unlock a world of opportunities and experiences. Whether you’re enticed by the thriving job market, stunning landscapes, or vibrant local culture, this guide will walk you through ... Leer más

Traveling to Panama? Check Out These Entry Requirements Tips and Tricks!

Are you gearing up for an exciting journey to the lively land of Panama? Excellent decision! Known for its vibrant culture, and biodiversity, Panama is a treasure trove of stunning locales and intriguing experiences. However, before you jump into packing mode, you must familiarize yourself with the Panama entry requirements to ensure a smooth travel ... Leer más

Second Passport: what advantages does it provide?

Freedom of movement, advantageous tax laws and extra business opportunities

Opportunities in Panama: Colón Free Trade Zone

Colón is the largest free trade zone in the Americas and the second largest free port in the World.

Is giving birth in Panama as a foreigner easy?

Giving birth in Panama can lead to a secure and happy future, which is what parents want most for their children.

Citizenship process by Buying a Property in Panama

Did you know that you can start your citizenship process by Buying a Property in Panama?

4 Reasons to Live in Panama: The Country with an Enchanting Climate

Full of opportunities, Panama is one of the most important centers for finance and a little piece of heaven for tourists who love the beauty of nature. Let’s explore life in Panama with the country’s unique geography, unlimited entertainment options and valuable financial opportunities! Social Life is Vivacious in Panama! Panama is a place rich ... Leer más

Unique History & Tropical Climate Top 5 Things to Do while Traveling to Panama

Apart from being the financial center of Latin America, Panama is home to mesmerizing natural beauty thanks to its tropical climate.

Expat Living in Panama: The Pros, Cons.

Expats living in Panama have discovered that this Central American gem, has emerged as a top destination for expats, particularly those from North America.

Requirements to move to Panama

Moving to Panama can be a life-changing decision. If you're considering relocating to this remarkable Central American country, you're in for an incredible adventure.