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How do I renew my license plate in Panama?

When acquiring a new or pre-owned car in Panama through a dealership, they handle all the necessary paperwork for car registration and license plate issuance.

If you opt to buy directly from an individual, it’s advisable to accompany them to the Municipality where the car is registered to facilitate the ownership transfer process. It’s important to ensure that used cars come with current license plates and updated annual stickers.

What documentation should I have for the renewal of my license plate?

  • Certification of Vehicular Inspection.
  • Unique Vehicle Registration Certificate.
  • Identification or passport, particularly if you happen to be a foreign entity.
  • Compliance with a valid vehicular insurance policy.
  • Proof of clearance from the ATTT.

In instances where a vehicle has been newly acquired, the following documentation is imperative:

  • Identification of the vehicle owner.
  • Unique Vehicle Registration Certificate.
  • Annual Inspection Certificate.
  • If the vehicle is pre-owned, the property transfer card must accompany it.
  • Compliance with a clearance from the ATTT.
  • Panama Circulation Tax (bearing in mind the annual renewal, with costs contingent on the vehicle type).

An extension of the validity period for exclusive and definitive vehicle plates, including both private and official entities, spans five years, culminating in 2025. It is crucial to note that the color of stickers undergoes an annual alteration—blue for 2024, lime green for 2025, and plain green for 2026.

Upon completion of the aforementioned processes, the municipal office undertakes the issuance of a new license plate or the application of an updated sticker onto the existing license plate.

For those pondering the documentation requirements for vehicular plate renewal, the physical location is as follows:

Revenue Department: Hatillo Building, Between Ave. Justo Arosemena and Cuba, nestled between 35th and 36th Streets East. Calidonia District. Republic of Panama.

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

When you’re an English speaker navigating car registration in Panama, a law firm helps ease the process. We break down the legal jargon, handle paperwork efficiently, and offer support in English, ensuring a smoother experience.


How to register a license plate in Panama?

To register, annually renew your vehicle’s plates and undergo an official inspection at authorized centers. After an approved inspection, visit the municipal office with required documents, including the vehicle registration certificate, insurance proof, and Paz y Salvo document. Pay the necessary fee for the issuance of new plates or updated stickers.

How to check if I am up to date (Paz y Salvo) with the municipality?

Visit the municipal office with the current vehicle registration, previous inspection certificate, insurance proof, and Paz y Salvo document to verify your status. Alternatively, check the ATTT website for additional information.

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