Unique History & Tropical Climate Top 5 Things to Do while Traveling to Panama

Apart from being the financial center of Latin America, Panama is home to mesmerizing natural beauty thanks to its tropical climate.

With its unique history and tropical climate Panama offers unmatched experiences whether you’re living in or traveling to Panama.

Attend Ocean to Ocean Panama Canal Tours

The narrowest point of Panama separates Pacific and Atlantic Ocean by 80 kilometers. By visiting two beaches at each shore, you can swim in two different oceans in one day.

There are tours that take people from one ocean to the other along with a cruise of Panama Canal and forest exploration walks. As a traveler, this is a once in a life time opportunity but as a person living in Panama this might become an enjoyable leisure activity.

Enjoy a Little Piece of Heaven at Panama’s San Blas Islands

Apart from being the financial center of Latin America, Panama is home to mesmerizing natural beauty thanks to its tropical climate. Panama’s San Blas Islands is a part of the tropical wonders the country provides for its inhabitants and visitors.

Consisting of 355 islands and cays, San Blas Islands offers you the experience of living in a tropical island for a day or any other time period you’d like. There are many sailing tours available cruising the Islands. As only 49 of these islands are inhabited San Blas Islands of Panama offers a unique experience each time.

Meet the Perfect Blend of Civilization and Nature in Panama City

The capital of the Republic of Panama, Panama City brings nature and civilization in a harmonious blend. Panama City is the only capital in the world to have a tropical rainforest within its city limits along with two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Panama City is one of the few places in the world that offers you the opportunity of exploring the rich historical sites and tropical rain forests within minutes. Whatever is your choice Panama is willing to give you exactly what you want!

An Unforgettable Visit to Bocas Del Toro

Moving further away from Panama City’s skyline, Bocas Del Toro “represents Panama’s vibrant Caribbean culture”. Only a 45-minute flight away from Panama City, Bocas Del Toro with its natural beauty and its cultural, scientific eminence attracts the attention of many. You can explore the beaches and natural wonders in the morning and enjoy the colorful night life of Bocas Del Toro in the evenings.

As it is one of the research locations on climate change and marine life you may even get a chance to make a scientific dive with the authorities. A place to surf, dive, relax and have fun Bocas Del Toro gives you a taste of paradise. Speaking of taste the last reason on this list is just what you’re looking for if you’re into experiencing original flavors anywhere you visit.

Get Ready to Taste the Delicious Flavors of Panama

Panama City was given the UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomy title. The fusion of Spanish, African and native notes in Panamanian Cuisine captivates anyone who likes fresh flavors and vibrant ingredients.

In each area of Panama, in each city there are various unique dishes that will present a symphony for your tastebuds. We recommend you try the Ceviche, Ropa Vieja and eat lots of seafood and tropical fruits fresh from its source.

Looking forward to all these unique adventures?

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