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Why Panama Its the best place to Retire Abroad?

Retire in Panama offers unique benefits such as the Pensionado program which provides money-saving benefits including discounts on healthcare, entertainment, and flights.

Retire in Panama and experience its undeniable appeal as a retirement destination, characterized by its tropical climate, diverse landscape, and welcoming culture. In the 2023 Global Peace Index, Panama is ranked as the second safest country in Central America, further enhancing its attractiveness to retirees.

Additionally, the lower cost of living allows retirees to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle at a fraction of the cost compared to many Western countries. For instance, in Panama, you can take the metro for under a dollar, sit and enjoy a cold beer for $2, and have a fish and shrimp dinner for $12.

Moreover, retiring in Panama offers unique benefits such as the Pensionado program which provides money-saving benefits including discounts on healthcare, entertainment, and flights. The diverse lifestyle options for retirees in Panama cater to various preferences – from cosmopolitan living with vibrant expat communities to serene natural beauty with palm-studded beaches and lush rainforests.

Is panama a good place to live

Panama offers a unique blend of cosmopolitan living and natural beauty, making it an ideal paradise for retirees. The country boasts panama retirement communities, particularly in Panama City, where retirees can enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle with access to modern amenities and diverse entertainment options. 

Simultaneously, Panama’s natural beauty is unparalleled, featuring palm-studded Caribbean beaches, lush rainforests, and majestic mountains that cater to those seeking tranquility and scenic landscapes.

Moreover, the lower costs of healthcare, insurance, transportation, and entertainment make everyday living more affordable for retirees. For instance, major private healthcare facilities in Panama City charge up to 50% less for similar services compared to the United States. This combination of urban convenience and natural splendor creates an enriching retirement experience.

Panamanian doctors and Affordable Healthcare

Retiring in Panama provides access to reliable infrastructure and modern amenities that contribute to a comfortable lifestyle. The country’s major cities offer state-of-the-art healthcare facilities at competitive prices. Additionally, the Pensionado program extends money-saving benefits including discounts on healthcare services and treatments.

Furthermore, retirees can benefit from affordable dental work in Panama. The competitive pricing allows them to maintain their oral health without straining their finances. These factors collectively make Panama an attractive destination for retirees seeking high-quality yet affordable healthcare options.

Cost of Living and Financial Incentives

Panama presents a compelling case with approximately 47% lower cost of living compared to the United States. Moreover, the country offers tax exemptions on foreign-sourced income as well as financial incentives through the Pensionado program. These incentives contribute significantly to the financial well-being of retirees while enhancing their overall quality of life.

The combination of lower living expenses, tax advantages, and financial incentives makes retiring in Panama a financially sound decision for many individuals looking to maximize their retirement savings.

Retiring in Panama: Visa Requirements and Residence Status

Retiring in Panama is hassle-free for US citizens, as no visa is required. The entry requirements are straightforward, necessitating only a valid passport and a round trip ticket. Additionally, retirees need to apply for residence status, which includes meeting specific monthly income requirements. This process ensures that retirees can enjoy their time in Panama with peace of mind regarding their legal status.

The application for retiree residence status requires authentication of various documents through the Panamanian consulate in the US before submission to a lawyer in Panama. These documents include:

  •  Birth certificate
  •  Proof of income 1000$ USD
  •  Marriage certificate
  •  An original police record check issued by the F.B.I. 

While these requirements may seem extensive, they are designed to ensure a smooth transition for retirees seeking to make Panama their new home.

Retiring in Panama from Canada

Canadian citizens considering retirement in Panama should note that their visa requirements differ from those of US citizens. It’s essential to be well-informed about the specific documentation and procedures, including authentication through Canadian authorities. 

Panama Pensionado Program

The Panama Pensionado program offers attractive incentives and benefits to retirees. Participants benefit from money-saving discounts on various services and flights, contributing to a more affordable lifestyle. Moreover, one of the most appealing aspects of this program is the exemption from taxes on foreign-sourced income. This favorable tax treatment significantly enhances the financial advantages of retiring in Panama.

Best Places to Retire in Panama

Panama offers a diverse range of retirement destinations, each with its own unique appeal. From the bustling city life of Panama City to the serene coastal towns and mountainous regions, retirees have a variety of options to choose from. 

Panama City

The largest city in Panama with one of the biggest banking and financial sectors in all of Central America. It’s a bustling metropolis with excellent views, tall skyscrapers, a thriving subway system, and a healthy and vibrant nightlife. Ocean-view apartments are available for around $1,200 a month, or you can buy one for as low as $250,000.


One of Panama’s most unique features is its location bordering both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; you can easily swim in both oceans on the same day. Coronado is a developed beach town near Panama City. Since Panama City can be extremely hot, many of those who can afford it end up maintaining a house or condo at the beach.


A city in the Herrera province, Chitré is a quiet and picturesque town at the heart of the Azuero Peninsula. It’s a small but vibrant city with a plethora of shops, restaurants, and bars.

El Valle de Antón

A mountain village in the Coclé province, El Valle de Antón is popular among expatriates due to its cool climate and tranquil environment.

Tierras Altas

A mountain town in the Chiriquí province, Volcán is popular among expatriates due to its cool climate and tranquil environment.


Another mountain town in the Chiriquí province, Boquete is favored by expatriates for its cool climate and peaceful surroundings.

Bocas del Toro

A coastal town in the Bocas del Toro province, Bocas del Toro is a favored destination for expatriates due to its warm climate and peaceful atmosphere.

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These destinations boast natural beauty and modern amenities, catering to different lifestyle preferences. Additionally, active expat communities in popular retirement locations provide a sense of camaraderie and support for newcomers.

One notable advantage for retirees is the availability of options that suit every budget and wishlist. Whether one seeks an affordable beachside retreat or a luxurious urban lifestyle, Panama’s retirement destinations offer something for everyone. The average monthly wages in Panama further contribute to the appeal of these retirement destinations, providing retirees with financial flexibility.

The rainy season in Panama

The rainy season in Panama usually lasts from May to November, with the heaviest rainfall occurring in September and October. During this time, you can expect high humidity, frequent thunderstorms, and occasional flooding in some areas.

The dry season in Panama usually lasts from December to April, with less rainfall, lower humidity, and more sunshine. During this time, you can enjoy the outdoor activities, visit the Panama Canal, festivals, and carnivals that Panama has to offer.

Moreover, under the Panama Pensionado program, retirees can benefit from import tax exemption for household goods, making it easier to settle into their new homes. This program enhances the overall attractiveness of these retirement destinations by offering practical benefits that simplify the relocation process.

Exploring Panama: Highlights and Tour Options

Panama’s tropical climate and diverse landscape make it a captivating destination for exploration. From the lush rainforests to the stunning coastlines, Panama offers a rich tapestry of natural beauty. Moreover, as the second-safest country in Central America, visitors can immerse themselves in its wonders with peace of mind.

Exclusive Panama Relocation Tour

For those considering retirement in Panama, Panama Relocation Tours is more than just a tour; it’s an essential step in making an informed decision about your retirement. Their expertise aligns perfectly with our commitment to guiding clients towards successful retirement strategies. Explore Panama with confidence and clarity – consider Panama Relocation Tours, a trusted partner in your retirement journey.


What is the cost of living for expats who settle in Panama?

To retire in Panama, you’ll need a monthly income of around $1,000 to $2,500, depending on lifestyle preferences and location. This ensures a comfortable living standard.

Is Panama really a good place to retire?

Absolutely, Panama is a popular retirement destination. It offers a stable economy, affordable healthcare, and a warm climate, making it an attractive choice for retirees.

What is the best place to living in Panama?

The best place to retire to Panama varies by preference, but Boquete, las Tablas, Coronado, and Bocas del Toro are top choices for their climate, expat communities, and amenities.

Can I collect Social Security and live in Panama?

Yes, you can collect Social Security while living in Panama. U.S. citizens often choose Panama for retirement due to its retiree benefits and proximity to the U.S.

What are some pros and cons of retiring in Panama or Costa Rica?

Retiring in Panama can be more expensive than Costa Rica, largely because Panama uses the U.S. dollar, leading to higher prices. However, Panama offers in some cases 25% in some of the services for pensioners.

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