Is giving birth in Panama as a foreigner easy?

Giving birth in Panama can lead to a secure and happy future, which is what parents want most for their children.

Giving birth in Panama can lead to a secure and happy future, which is what parents want most for their children. This security and happiness depend on the environment the child grows up in and the opportunities provided to them throughout their lives.

Considering the costs of living and prospects for the future, many parents are looking to migrate to safe and stable countries such as Panama. With its stable economy and political atmosphere Panama provides their citizens with the stability and prestige they envision for their future. For that reason, many people choose Panamanian citizenship for themselves and their children. One of the ways to attain Panamanian citizenship is through childbirth in the country.

NDM Law Firm & Associates offers consultation in all follow up procedures after deciding to begin a new life and build a better future in Panama. So, lets take a closer look at why you should consider Panama as a place to build a brighter future at through childbirth!

Considerably Lower Costs for Top-Notch Services

Differing from 1.200$ to 2.500$ (Two Days Hospital Stay), the cost of birth in Panama including epidurals and required services is much more budget friendly compared to other countries. The experiences of expats seem to prove that the hospitals in the city are very advantageous when it comes to hospital expenses and quality of services. As NDM, we offer our know-how and guidance you need in your birth plan and processes of obtaining citizenship in Panama.

Services for Different Birthplans are Available

Whether you are planning on giving birth in the hospital or a home birth, in Panama there are completely secure options for both.

Hospital Births

Hospitals with fully-equipped maternal services are located primarily in Panama City, David and Colon. Expats’ experiences in Panama show that the hospitals located in these areas are where you can access the complete care you require in your pregnancy journey. The hospitals that provide a complete and secure experience are listed below:

Hospital Nacionalhospitalnacional.com
Hospital Punta Pacificapacificasalud.com
Clinica Hospital San Fernandohospitalsanfernando.com
Mae Lewis Medical Centerhospitalcmml.com

Home Births

Practical Midwiferypanhandlemidwife.com
Gentle Birth Options LLCgentlebirthoptions.com

Although they are not very common in Panama, home births are another option that is growing in popularity for many people’s birth plans. For at home birth plans, midwife services are also available in Panama to ensure its safety. Midwifery services are available at various locations, however it is advised to consider places in close proximity to fully-fledged hospitals for your at-home birth plan.

Obtaining a Birth Certificate and Panamanian Passport for Your Baby

According to the Civil Registry of Panama, every birth that occurred in the country should be registered. Birth certificates will be provided by the hospital. With the birth certificate, notarized identification of the parents and two witnesses unrelated to the parents will be enough to register the birth of your child. However, if the birth occurs at home or outside of the hospital parents will have to provide their notarized identification documents, letter signed by a doctor and a statement from a witness of said birth. The birth can be registered by either one of the parents, grandparents or an attorney.

To obtain a Panamanian Passport for a new-born baby, both parents or an attorney at law to represent the absent parent should be present with the required documents. NDM Law Firm & Associates are well-versed in all policies regarding the registry of birth and processes of obtaining a Panamanian passport through birth.

Contact us for a seamless process of registry and follow-up procedures. Build a brighter future for your family at Panama Republic!

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