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Consumer Protection

At NDM Law Firm & Associates, we are experts defending consumer’ rights in commercial acts against violations. We have a team of lawyers with expertise in the field who are in charge of filing the respective processes before the Courts of Justice designated within Panama to exercise jurisdiction over these matters.

Due to the fact that it is necessary to analyse details such as the prescription term, the condition to comply with the consumer requirement, the evidence to prove the grievance and finding the solution through litigation, to a certain problem of the affected client / consumer, the matter of free competition and consumer protection in all areas requires qualified professional advice.

On the other hand, NDM Law Firm & Associates, is in charge of providing constant legal assistance and advice to various economic agents, who are aggrieved by unfounded lawsuits filed against them.

We maintain properties for investment in the capital and in the interior of the country at incomparable prices, as they are goods subject to judicial auctions due to non-payment, where through the sale in public auction it is awarded to the highest bidder, on the basis of Debt.