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Buying a Property in Panama is More Profitable Than You Think!

Did you know that you can start your citizenship process by purchasing a property in Panama?

You can read below for the advantages of owning a property and living in Latin America’s most stable country with the highest living standard in the region. 


Why Panama should be your preference for second citizenship?

Nowadays, a second passport is a real necessity. You can increase your options in life with it, boost your income, and travel on a global scale.

Becoming a citizen in Panama helps you lead a life with the same standards of highly developed countries such as the USA and Canada. You can choose to live in a city center or among tropical nature where you can enjoy the climate and pristine beaches with relatively more affordable budgets.

Even if you are only thinking of investing, Panama offers you both the opportunity to increase your income and obtain a second passport. Despite the fluctuations of the global economy, Panama has grown by more than %10 every year in the last 10 years. A strong economy and a safe country that will increase the property value await you in Panama.

Panama, just like Singapore, takes the lead in her continent in terms of being a developed country. Investing and living in Panama presents unique opportunities… Unlike Singapore, property prices in Panama are much more affordable and Latin America is much more untouched in terms of entrepreneurship.

Residing in Panama can open many doors. Moreover, businesspeople would enjoy the fact that overseas income is not taxed in Panama. One can strengthen their business with opportunities in Panama Canal and Colon Free Zone as well.

We can briefly list the advantages below.

  • Panama uses US Dollar as currency. In other words, in a situation where you rent out your property, your income would be in dollars.
  • You can earn an annual rental income of up to 10% of the property value.
  • In the process of purchasing a property, foreigners have equal rights with citizens under Panamanian law.
  • You can enjoy the unique nature of Panama and be much closer to economic opportunities in the Latin American market.

You can start your citizenship process by investing $300.000 or more in properties.


Our expert team is here to help.

The State of Panama provides many easy options for citizenship. You can consult our expert lawyers for all your inquiries about property investment, which can increase your income and start your citizenship process.

Contact NDM Law Firm & Associates and start a new chapter in your life. 



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